Makes 10 fritters

Only requires 1 bowl and 1 frying pan, whip these babies up on the weekend and enjoy along side a salad, yogurt dressing or on their own! You can totally dress these up with what spices you decide to add in.

Now I never usually fry anything, I always roast…but these were an exception. (A good one may I add) I always use olive oil so this makes them typically healthier as opposed to using sunflower or vegetable oil which has high saturated fat content.


80g gram flour (chickpea flour)

1 tsp baking powder

1 tin chickpeas drained and rinsed

150g sweetcorn

1/2 lemon juice

1/2 cup water

1/4 onion of choice

1 clove garlic


Olive oil or other oil of choice for frying

Seasonings of choice about a tsp or 2 of each: chilli, paprika, pepper, cumin


  1.  Start by mixing the gram flour, baking powder, diced onion, diced garlic and seasonings together.
  2. Next add in your chickpeas, sweetcorn, lemon juice and water and mix until incorporated well. Lastly add in the chopped coriander if you are putting in and give a good stir.
  3.  Heat a glug of oil in your frying pan, and keep the pan at a medium heat. If you make the pan to hot the fritters will burn on outside and not be cooked on inside.
  4. Once the pan is heated use a tablespoon to evenly spoon the mixture into the hot pan, and allow to fry on each side for a few minutes. When each one is done, put onto paper towels to allow excess oil to come off.
  5.  Then plate up and serve immediately or these would be great to store in fridge or freezer.!