Who want’s a yummy, gooey and warming cookie that’s quick and easy, ideal for breakfast or a snack? Great, your in for a treat! Have these with your glass of  mylk or tea / coffee and its a win.


2 cups GF oats

1 and half cups plant milk

2 ripe bananas

Half cup dried cranberries

Flax egg

2 tbsp melted coconut oil

1 tbsp cinnamon

Pinch of vanilla powder

Half cup walnuts

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda


  1. Firstly preheat your oven to 160 fan / 180 conventional and line a large baking tray with baking paper.
  2. To a bowl, mash your bananas and add your flag egg, milk, coconut oil and mix well.
  3. Then add all your other ingredients, ensuring you add the walnuts and cranberries last. Mix well.
  4. Using a spoon, make 9 large cookie shapes but do not flatten them. Bake for 20-25 minutes.
  5. Enjoy fresh or keep covered for 4 – 5 days.



Last night I needed something sweet soso bad and was all out of CHOCOLATE…OMG WHATT?! So I was raiding my cupboards for a sweet fix but had to get creative as I had 0 pre prepared snacks. After hunting down a combination of things in my kitchen I came up with this little recipe so thought I would share in case you are in crisis of no sweet snacks! I must say they hit the spot and are total ‘bliss’!


1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1 cup dates (I mixed medjoul and sayer as I ran out of medjoul)

Splash of maple syrup

1/2 cup diced dried apricot

1/4 cup crunchy peanut butter

5 tbsp chia seeds

Splash of water

1/4 cup millet flakes


  1.  Super simply, pop all the ingredients into a food processor and blitz until it comes together.
  2.  Using your hands roll into balls, depending on size will determine the amount you can make. I got about 10 out of this. Keep covered either in or out of the fridge!


EEEEEEK! These are soooo scrumptious, they are easy to make AND they are raw not baked!! This makes them Paleo friendly too, as no grains are used. Perfect treat for this warmer weather, super refreshing. I am totally making these again but with a Lemon filling (so watch this space.)

I never actually liked normal cheesecake, I find it to heavy and sickly, not my kind of dessert, so I would actually pick these over a normal version any day. It still has the textures so trust me you will love them, but they are much more healthier plus all natural ingredients and no refined sugars!


For base layer:

2 cups almond flour

3/4 cup medjoul dates

1 1/2 cup cashews

1/2 cup coconut flakes or shreds

1 tsp vanilla powder

Raspberry Filling:

1/2 cup cashew butter ( I used Meridian)

1 cup raspberries

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp vanilla powder

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

1/3 maple syrup


  1. First put all the base ingredients into a food processor and blitz until a sticky mixture is formed. Press this into a lined loaf tin.
  2. Now place all filling ingredients into the processor and blitz until a creamy mixture is formed. Spread this evenly over the base.
  3. Freeze to set and then slice into bite sized pieces!
  4. You could even add an optional extra by doing a chocolate layer on top, just melting your fave choc and dipping each piece in!






Product Review: Livia’s!

Another RARE all natural sweet treats brand, YAY! Livia’s products are in really colourful and catching packaging so I can assure you will not miss these when you next visit your local supermarket or health store.

I have tried a few types of her products now including the Million Squares, Dunx and Nugglets! I have even baked a couple of her recipes and they do not fail, they are heavenly. My favourite has to be the Dunx so far, it is a much healthier alternative to your commercial brands that are high in fat and sugar and chemically induced beyond… These dips are all nut butters and sweetened either with maple, dates or coconut sugar! You get 4 little GF oat biscuits to dunk in with the perfect amount of dip for your biscuits, who doesn’t love that combo??? I also like that you can incorporate the snacks into recipes, I made a banana bread and added in the Nugglets which you can actually check out in my Recipes tab, and it made it that bit extra tastyyy.

If you are hesitant to trying a more natural sweet fix, then these should be top of your list, you honestly would not have any idea that these include NO refined sugars or dairy products (not that that’s a bad thing anyway?!) so give it a go, trust me you will be wanting more. I understand that these types of snacks do cost that bit extra, but to me you can’t put a price on health or happiness, so I say do what’s good for your physical and mental health and try something new!

You can find her range in all known supermarkets; Tesco, Holland and Barrett, Asda, Sainsburys etc. ANDDDDD she also has a shop on her website so go check it outtt >><< Whilst your there, check the endless recipes on there that you have free access too!


THIS IS THE MOST SPONGIEST (if that’s not a word I have now trademarked it) AND CHOCOLATEY BANANA BREAD EVERRRR! To take this up a notch I decided to add into the middle of the batter chocolate brownie nugglets from Livias and they are bombbb!

There are so many recipes for banana bread out there and I have tried so many but I never write them down… so now I am finally blogging my recipe this one will be a keeper for sure. Here goes…


125g plain GF flour

150g ground almonds

2 tsp cinnamon

4 ripe bananas (if they aren’t ripe, did you know you can pop them in the oven with skin on to blacken them!)

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp bicarb of soda

190ml maple syrup or other sweetener

1 can of chickpea water (not the chickpeas!) – use those for another dish

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 pack of Choc Brownie Nugglets

Dark chocolate top (optional)


  1.  Preheat your oven to 170 degrees fan / 375 Fahrenheit and line a loaf pan with baking paper or grease.
  2.  Mash bananas with a form in a mixing bowl and then add your flour, almond flour,cinnamon, baking powder, bicarb and mix really well.
  3.  Then add in your maple, chickpea water and apple cider vinegar and ensure all is incorporated well. The mixture will be quite runny but do not panic, this is normal for vegan recipes.
  4.  Now pour half the batter into the loaf tin, then place your nugglets in and top with remaining batter. Then add on your dark chocolate roughly chopped into chunks or grated over the top.
  5.  Bake for 45-50 minutes. The bread should be squidgy to touch when done. Allow to cool (not completely as who doesn’t love warm banana bread) and then slice and eat! You can totally dress it up more by topping with nut butters, fruit, dairy free yogurt, whatever you love.






This recipe is inspired by the Deliciously Ella cups AND Livia’s recent live baking of the banoffee cups!

I love the use of layers in this recipe, I would love to make a proper base however a lot of recipes require oats for this as this seems to hold best, but I am working on using my new favourite grain alternative (millet) to get a base consistency. Fingers crossed….

Makes 10 cups




175g cacao butter

7 tbsp cacao powder

7 tbsp maple syrup or brown rice syrup

Peanut and banana layer:

16 medjool dates

2 tbsp peanut butter

Dash of plant milk (I used soy)

1 large banana sliced into 10 slices

Top layer(optional):

60g Dark chocolate

1/4 cup oat cream


  1.  Firstly line a tray with 10 mini cupcake cakes or normal cupcake cases , whichever you prefer.
  2.  Grab a small saucepan and melt your cacao butter completely then add in your cacao powder and maple. Stir well to incorporate and take off heat.
  3.  Using a spoon, the mixture is very liquidly so take care as you spoon it into each cupcake case. Then place into fridge for 2 hours.
  4. Whilst your base is setting, start on the middle layer. Add your dates, peanut butter and plant milk to a food processor. Blitz until a creamy caramel consistency is formed.
  5. Once your bases are set, you want to spoon this caramel like mixture into each cup. Then place a slice of banana on top of each.
  6. This last step is optional but I always think you can never have to much chocolate so I did it! You can just straight melt your chocolate of choice and then pour that onto each cup OR you can melt the chocolate with some oat cream which makes it a slight thicker consistency and pour onto each cup too.
  7. Place back into fridge to set for another 1-2 hours. Then you can gobble them up in all their gooey and richness!


Chocolate Souffle Pots

This is the ultimate food porn and I am so happy I have made it. For all you chocoholics this is the one, it can totally be breakfast too;) The video on my Instagram is totally mouth watering..

Recipe adapted from Fitgreenmind

4 Servings



1 cup millet flour

7 tbsp almond flour

6 tbsp cocoa powder (I used nutrisuperfoods)

1 tbsp baking powder

1/2 cup coconut sugar

1/3 cup applesauce

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

4 squares of dark chocolate ( I made my own)

4 heaped tsp nut butter (I did peanut and almond butter)

3/4 cup plant milk (I used soy)


  1. Preheat oven to 180 fan / 356 Fahrenheit and place 4 ramekins or soufflé dishes onto a baking tray ready.
  2. In a mixing bowl, add all dry ingredients (but not the chocolate pieces) and mix well.
  3. Then add in your wet ingredients (not your nut butter) and mix until a more runnier mixture is formed.
  4. Then you want to spoon a couple tablespoons of the mixture into each ramekin leaving enough mixture to add on top when you have made the middle as per below.
  5. Place a square of chocolate in each pot, then a dollop of the nut butter, then with your leftover mixture spoon that on top to cover each.
  6. Bake in oven for 15-20 minutes. It will smell AMAAZINGG
  7. Take out of the oven, be careful not to touch the ramekins as I know you will be excited to dig into these! ENJOYYYY the melt!

Welcome to all things food…

Hello you lovely people, firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to check my blog out! 

My name is Jessica and I am soooo excited to share with you my content and keeping connected with you all, this is something I have been wanting to do for such a long time and now I have dived right in! As you may already know from my foodie Instagram page @keepcalmeatplants, I am eating my way through life as wholesome as possible:)

My aim is to show how easy and creative it is to eat a plant based diet as much as possible, and make it fun of course! All recipes are plant based and gluten free so suitable for everyone. I like to remake lot’s of recipes from other inspirations and then adapt and recreate where possible for you to see. I also LOVE to try new foodie spots; so in the blog tab at the top of this page is where you will find reviews of those places!

Feel free to explore my page and I hope I can inspire you to try something new!