Heya guys, I’m back with a new review, so much going on this year it is super hard to stay consistent with content, but I’m happy to post again! This review is super exciting to write, it is already making me want to go back here as it was exceptional!

This stunning resteraunt in the heart of Marlow (but has many other restaurants in other regions) is so botanical (hense the name), with its beautiful dishes and amazing cocktails your in for a treat if you visit here. I have visited several times and NEVER have I been disappointed once, the vegan options are varied which always is a good start to me. So I think it’s time I actually review them as the service is ace and the workers are so friendly from door to table.

On this occasion I opted for the Moving Mountains burger, as I know this brand of vegan burger is a winner, I had it served with sweet chilli fries. Ok, so I cannot explain to you how insane this dinner was, the burger was deliciously flavoured and is by far THE ABSOLUTE BEST vegan burger I have tasted so far (it beat the actual vegan place I last reviewed). Funny story, as I started eating the burger I honestly thought it was accidently meat 😀 this was because it also had pulled jackfruit on top which wasn’t mentioned in the menu and it all tasted like pulled pork and beef, my boyfriend started to get worried and I nearly just nearly had him try it…damn! (he’s not vegan at all). After asking the waiter she reassured me there was no meat whatsoever and that it’s just that good! I was astonished, so yes it was the perfect burger and those sweet chilli fries topped it off so well as they were sticky and slightly sweet. Now you are probably drooling and wondering what this looks like so the best image I got is below….

Here is a summary of this place:

Price: Looking around £15-£20 per head depending if you have 2 courses, could be more like £30 if your having cocktails/drinks etc. I think higher price end but happy to pay as you get what you pay for here!

Service: Outstanding, friendly staff who are super happy all the time!

Cleanliness: Super important right now during COVID but anyway it is always clean and never found or seen anything in food

Food: Delicious, cater for all diet types, such a variety of food and presented so nice. They use a lot of garden accessories for dishes which is super different and cool.

Atmosphere: Nice lighting, plenty of seating and it’s comfortable. I would say it is always slightly chilly whenever I have been but bearable!


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