Heya guys! Hope all is well during these unprecedented times, I thought I would do a little review seeing as physically we are unable to go anywhere to try new things… it’s all delivery and online ordering for now! Hopefully this can keep your mind occupied for a bit especially if you are a coffee fanatic then this is right up your street.

To me a good coffee is hard to come by, I am very reluctant to drinking any instant coffee or generic branded as it usually makes me react funny. I thought I really couldn’t have caffeine but just turns out I need to have the real deal, freshly grounded with no artificial nasties. Making coffee is just the little thing that you take time for you to enjoy it’s the little things right?

So I first discovered this coffee when visiting The Wild Strawberry Café at Peterley Manor Farm (posted a review on this place a while ago so check it out!) and fell in love with it. The blend at the time was a seasonal filter and was the most smoothest I ever did taste! It was perfect with a splash of oat milk and just overall super easy to drink. Soon as it was my mission to find out where this coffee was sourced and after a few emails to the café I was introduced to Extract Coffee! I ordered it straight away and can now enjoy this coffee in the comfort of my own home. Now I order once a month a different blend each time and the featured image of this post is my most recent! An amazing combination of caramel and nuts, just what it says. I love that you also get a little card with your coffee which actually explains the origin of the blend you have chosen it’s super interesting and a nice addition I think. They also sell teas, chocolate and coffee equipment if you want to be pro style;)

Check them out and I hope this was interesting for you, would love any recommendations you guys have too!

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